About Me

I'm Lori Ann.  I grew up in a small town in rural Central Virginia. I went to college in Richmond, VA at Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy and have a BFA in Design/Technical Theatre. I moved to Las Vegas a year or two after finishing college. I briefly gave up on the entertainment industry for awhile and went back to school for baking and pastry. After working in a bakery for a year, I was drawn back to the dark side. I've been with the same company ever since. For many years I worked in the shop with the rest of the guys as a lighting console and media server tech. My nickname is the Console Queen of Las Vegas. If I can't fix your console, you might want to think about contacting the manufacturer. Earlier this year I gave it up for a desk job. My new job is challenging and I'm learning about other aspects like video and audio. So it keeps me on my toes. In my younger days, I was very much goth. Six years ago, I started seriously belly dancing. I study traditional Egyptian, Lebanese, and the folkloric styles. I am blessed to live in a city with several world class instructors.

Photo by Yaniv Halfon

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