Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My career as an Entertainment Lighting Technician is not the most feminine.  On a typical work day, I wear black cargo pants, a black t-shirt, and black steel toed boots. I don't wear makeup and my hair is straight back in a ponytail. Over the years, I've started to become more girly in my off time. I suppose I've been trying to find a natural balance. In the last year especially, I've developed a strong interest in makeup and more specifically eyeshadow.

In my younger days, I was very much goth. So I'm no stranger to dramatic eye makeup. Now bellydance is my passion in life and once again dramatic eye makeup is a much needed skill. I needed to learn how to apply makeup like..well.. like a normal person. I've learned so much about different products and techniques over the last year that I'd like to share.

It is my goal to use this blog to review different products and produce technique videos. I hope it will be informative and educational.  I know that I still have much to learn. I hope through this blog, I will push myself further. My weakness is blush. In my formative teenage makeup years, I was goth. If I had known about contouring back then, I might have worn gray blush. Blush still sort of baffles me.

Makeup has come a long way since I first started wearing it way back in when.  There are so many great products out now no matter what your price range. My makeup drawer is a mixture of drugstore and designer products.  There are some really great finds at your local drugstore and some really great designer products that are worth the investment.

I'd  love to hear what you are interested or what you may have questions about.



  1. Hi Lori Ann
    I have a million questions so I'll just start with a couple. How do you pick an eye liner (liquid crayon or other wise)? I do try them on my finger but its still hard to apply on my eyes.
    I am fair and if i put on the wrong sort i look like i'm ready for the silent pictures. I want to look made up but not weird.

    1. I had this long reply all typed out earlier and Blogger ate. :(

      Ah well. First off thanks for reading and what a great question! I could probably just write a blog about eyeliner and all the different types and techniques. I'm also very fair skinned and I have blue eyes. For a nice neutral or daytime look, I use a brown pencil liner. It's less harsh than black. I also only line from about 3/4 in on the bottom and lower lid and then just blend end out a bit. I line into the outer corner as well. It helps to go back over it with a little eyeshadow or translucent powder to set it in place. I usually powder underneath my eyes to avoid racoon-ing. Try to choose a pencil that is pretty soft and glides easily.

      I'll try to get a full post up about this soon!

  2. And Thanks ( forgot to say that )


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