Sunday, June 17, 2012

June Little Black Bag

June marks my fourth month with Little Black Bag. I almost skipped this month but I gave in anyway and wound up with a bag I really like. I started out with the Betsey Johnson Three Row Necklace (which I kept the entire time) and I used my Klout Perk to add an extra item to my bag. My freebie item was the Melie Bianco Envelope clutch ($45) which I wasn't feeling at all. Tons of trading later this how I finished my bag.

Little Black Bag June

Watch my unboxing video! 

The item I started my bag with and held on to was the Betsey Johnson Three Row Necklace. Retail value $75. It seems shorter than it is pictured. I haven't measured it but I don't quite think it's 18". Ah well. I still love it.

Betsey Johnson Three Row Necklace

I had this clutch in my favorites for awhile but this month I got serious about trying to snag one. I had this in purple originally but traded for the red. I think I would have been happy with either. This is the Melie Bianco Floral Foldover Clutch.  It also has a chain strap. Yay. Retail value $50.

 Melie Bianco Floral Foldover Clutch

 Melie Bianco Floral Foldover Clutch

I became slightly obsessed with these Steve Madden Black Square Frame Sunglasses. Retail value $40.  Someone scored a pretty generous three item trade from me. I can't decide if they are too large for my face or not. I may return them. What do you think?

Steve Madden Square Framed Sunglasses

My final item is the Kenneth Cole Cluster Earrings. Retail value $28. These have a nice silver AB coating. I can wear these with just about everything I own. 

Kenneth Cole Cluster Earrings

This is one of my more successful bags. I got some lucky trade offers this month and managed to turn them into items I really enjoy. Final retail value $193 which I think is a new high for me.


  1. Amazing! You got really lucky this time around! I got some Steve Madden sun glasses as well :) And an R&EM bag. Going to do a post soon :)

    Love it!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to read your post as well. It's so fascinating to me to see what other people go for.

  2. The sunglasses look cute on you, I don't think they are too big. Love the bag. You got a awesome deal!

    1. Thanks! I decided to keep them after all. So far I think this is my most successful LBB.


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