Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pretty and Cute Haul

I recently traded my Missha Perfect Cover in #23 for the Holika Holika Shimmering BB. I am ridicously in love with the Holika and had to find a steady supplier. A few bloggers have mentioned Pretty and Cute as a good source for Korean and Japanese cosmetics so I headed over to check it out.

L to R: Holika Holika Shimmering BB, Skin 79 Miniature Set, Skin 79 Mini Lip Gloss, Holika Holika mirror
I got a new tube of the Holika Holika Shimmering 30mL for $12.09. I am so in love with this BB. I will have to do a post on it. I used to think tinted moisturizers were the answer to a quick and easy face. Wrong! It's definitely Asian BBs (blemish balm). Not only does this have excellent coverage but it also offers SPF 45.  Since I'm not addicted to BBs, I picked up the Skin 79 miniature set as well. I've heard good things about the Skin 79 BBs and wanted to try out a few before purchasing a full size product. This set includes the Oriental Gold, Oriental Gold Plus, and the Premier Gold.

The rose shaped miniature lip gloss is from Skin 79. I'm going to add this to my keychain. I love the black rose design. The gloss itself is very sheer and just adds a hint of color. This will definitely be useful for on the go moisturizing. 

Skin 79 Mini Lip Gloss

I picked up a matching black rose mirror for my purse makeup bag. This must be a popular design for re-branding in Korea. The mirror is sold by Holika Holika.

I placed my order on a Thursday morning and had a shipping notification by the afternoon. They ship out of Oregon so I had my order by Saturday. I'm super happy to have found the site and I'm sure I'll be shopping there more in the future.


  1. BB creams are great! I have so many I've lost count!

    New follower here, found you through monday's beauties blog hop!


    1. Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm following you back as well.

      What's your favorite? I have those skin 79 samples to try but I can't put down my Holika!

      PS The jewelry in your Etsy shop is so cute!

    2. My fave so far is Dr Jart's Gold label BB cream, it blends so well with my skin tone, I also like Innisfree's Green Tea BB cream as well.
      I'm the same, I normally try lots of different ones but then I end up going back to the same one.
      I've bought the Holika Holika one too but I've not had the chance to use it yet! How is that one?

      Thanks for stopping by my etsy shop as well! I've only just started it!

    3. I'll have to try the Dr. Jart's. I really like the Holika. It's the first real BB I've used so I don't have anything to compare it to. Hopefully I can get a proper review up this weekend.


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