Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: Cargo Cosmetics Argentina Lip Gloss Quad

I picked this up in my April LBB.  This lip gloss quad features the colors Plum,  Copper, Sparkling Burgundy, and Bronze. Retail price is $24

Cargo Argentina Lip Gloss Quad
Cargo Argentina Lip Gloss Quad and Mia
The formula is very sheer and very glossy. I used two coats for all of the swatches and photos. This may work better layered over a lipstick. On its own I would definitely recommend two coats or a heavy handed one coat.  It's a bit more of a thin liquid formula than I'm used to using.

Cargo Argentina Lip Gloss Quad Swatches
L to R: Plum, Copper, Sparkling Burgundy, and Bronze

I really like Plum. This is sort of gloss color I gravitate toward. It's a darker color without being too dark. It's a shiny gloss but not sparkly.

Cargo Plum Lip Gloss
I actually liked Copper more than I thought I would. I usually steer clear of warm colors like this but was pleasantly surprised. It gives a nice glow without being too coppery. This gloss is also really glossy but not sparkly.
Cargo Copper Lip Gloss
The Burgundy did not want to photograph well. This is actually my second favorite color in this quad. This color is glossy and sparkly but not disco ball sparkly. I didn't notice any change in texture between the sparkly glosses and the shiny glosses. This is a good choice if you just want a little hint of color. It is probably the most sheer of the four.
Cargo Sparkling Burgundy

Finally, Bronze. I would never just pick up a bronze gloss on it's own. So this is a nice exercise for me to step outside of my comfort zone. The color is rich and metallic. This one definitely has high shine. I expected it to be super yellow on me but I was presently surprised how it turned out. I'm not sure that I'd reach for this color a lot but at least I know it's not out of the realm of possibility for me. This color might work better for you sun kissed and bronzed beauties out there!
Cargo Bronze Lip Gloss
Wear time is a bit hit or miss. This did not hold up to eating or drinking. The darker colors like Plum seem to get about two hours of decent wear. Bronze definitely transferred a lot. I'm a bit on the fence about this quad. I want to really like Cargo because I've heard such great things about them but the staying power of these glosses and the sheerness leave me feeling it's a little lacking. I'm going to say Bat's Rating: 6.5

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