Sunday, June 2, 2013

Small Birthday Haul

I normally buy myself something more expensive for my birthday. Last year  it was Guerlain powder. This year I just wasn't feeling like I really needed anything from the higher end of the spectrum. I've also been on a bit of a concealer kick lately. So I decided to pick up Benefit's Erase Paste ($28) from Sephora. 

Everything else was free! I opted for the Benefit Birthday gift from Sephora. I'm already a fan of They're Real. I'm not a big user of highlighters but I'd like to try them out more. The Shiseido lip gloss was a freebie with $25 purchase. I love the Erase Paste! I'll have to a full review of it soon. I've use Watt's Up a few times and really like it. I'm not sure I'd ever use it enough to purchase a full size. I've yet to try to the Shiseido but I love the color.
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