Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Get to Know Me 11 Questions

I was tagged by the lovely Britt @ Britt's Beauty Blog tagged me in this get to know me post. This seems like an interesting idea to me. I won't be tagging any other bloggers but if you feel like answering these questions or adding your own please feel free to.

11 Things About Me

  1. I live in Las Vegas. I don't drink and I don't gamble and I don't watch Pawn Stars.
  2. I didn't really start wearing blush until last year and I'm still trying to figure that one out.
  3. I love cats! I have a Norwegian Forest Cat named Mia. If I had a bigger apartment, I'd have more cats.
  4. I've been gluten free for almost three years and I feel great since making the change.
  5. I'm certified to drive a forklift.
  6. I would love to move to Savannah, GA. I grew up in the South and I miss it. Savannah is such a beautiful, historic, and fascinating place. Oh and the food is amazing.
  7. 95% of my wardrobe is black but it's not my favorite color. Too many years of being goth and too many years of being a lighting technician. I'm working on it though. There are now some colors and prints in my closet.
  8. I learned to sew last year and enjoy making things for myself and other people. It's also really handy since I'm short and pear shaped. Everything I own needs alterations.
  9. I don't speak any other languages but would like to learn to speak and read Arabic.
  10. I left the lighting industry for awhile and worked as a baker. I still enjoy baking recreationally. Going GF made it fun and interesting. I had to relearn how to bake.
  11. I dance in a belly dance troupe called Death by Shimmy. The ladies I dance with are an amazing group of women who continue to inspire me. Love you ladies!
Britt's Questions

1. What has been the best trip you've gone on?  I honestly haven't travelled as much as I would like. Usually when I do travel it's to visit my family back in VA (which is good for the soul but not necessarily exciting).  I might have to say the weekend trip to NYC I took way back in college. It was through the Theatre department. We had some shows and things we had to attend but were pretty much free to roam the city.  My friends and I found some great restaurants at random and rode the subway just about everywhere.

2. What is your favorite flower? Is there a special reason for it?  I don't really have a favorite flower. I used to grow roses though. Maybe they win by default.

3. What was your favorite cartoon as a child? Or now! :) As a child I'm going to have to say  Muppet Babies

4. What is your favorite perfume/cologne/body spray/essential oil? AKA What you use to smell good! :)  I'm kinda between perfumes right now. For a long time it was Calvin Klein's Eternity. I've been testing out CK Pure and the Yogini by Harvey Prince perfume from my Birchbox. I really like the Yogini.

5. What helps you get to dream land on sleepless nights?  I use the Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System every night. I listen to Delta Echoes. If I really need some relaxation I'll take a couple of valerian pills.

6. What is your favorite movie?  Tough call. Pick one of these three at any given moment:  Dune, Dangerous Liaisons,  or Real Genius.

7. What is your favorite cosmetics brand and why?  Tough call. It's either NYX or Inglot. I LOVE Inglot eyeshadows but I don't have too many of their other products. I have NYX eyeshadows, blushes, and lip glosses and I love them. Both are pigmented and affordable.

8. What is your favorite "dancing" song? I don't really dance, so workout song, turn it up loud in the car song, etc...whatever gets your grove going.  Belly dance wise pretty much any version of "Lama Bada" or some good golden era orchestrations or some newer House of Tarab stuff. (rocking A Tribute to Om Kalsoum right now). Goth/industrial wise Wumpscut's "Wreath of Barbs"

9. Are you a total tech junkie or are you more low key and like turning your phone/computer off once in awhile?  A little of both. I have a smartphone and I text and tweet. My computer is almost always on. However I don't feel the need to tweet everything or check in to places. I don't get that.

10. What is your favorite food?  Right now I'm completely obsessed with the Thai dish Pad Woon Sen. Silver noodles with chicken and veggies. Yum. I have to limit myself to order Thai food once a week or I could eat it every day.

11. What do you focus more on, hair or make up?  Even though I have long hair and a lot of it. It's pretty low maintenance. So I'm going to have to say make up!


  1. I want to play! I'm reposting on FB :D ~ vickie

  2. It's great getting to know other bloggers! I just nominated you for a blog award! check out my latest post for the rules/ info :)



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