Sunday, April 22, 2012

Update on April's Birchbox: Expired Befine Samples

*A quick note. I will be very busy with work this week and I will also be rebuilding the Batmachine to make it faster.  I will try to post once more this week but I may not be back until next week*

If you read my blog about my April Birchbox you know I was really excited about the Befine moisturizer. Well it turns out it's expired.  Not just a little passed the use by date..Mine expired in 07/2009.

Befine Expiration Date
These samples were in several of the April boxes. So check your dates. It's on stamped on the side and can be a bit hard to read.

Birchbox became aware of the issue on Thursday and by Friday issued the following statement:

Dear Birchbox Customer,

It has come to our attention that a small number of the Befine Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 samples included in our April boxes may have passed their expiration dates. Please check the stamp on the outside of your packet of Befine Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. If your sample has expired, we advise you not to use the product, as the SPF is not guaranteed to be effective after the stated expiration date.

If you received an expired sample of the moisturizer, we would like to deposit 100 Birchbox Points in your account. Please complete this survey by April 27 to request the points award; your account will be updated by May 1.

We take pride in sending you high-quality products from great brands, typically their newest and best selling products. This situation is unacceptable and not representative of the Birchbox standard for product quality. We are working with Befine to determine the root cause of the error, and we deeply apologize for this experience.

All the best,
Hayley and Katia
Co-founders of Birchbox

I'm disappointed that these are expired.  I was really excited about trying them out. I may go ahead and buy the moisturizer. It's also disappointing because it only leaves me two items in my box that are useful to me the MicroMitt and the Wei face mask.

I'm pleased that Birchbox has acted swiftly and honorably during this situation. If you received expired samples and have not heard from Birchbox, contact customer service: or on Twitter @BirchboxOps


  1. Yikes! Your moisturizer was even older than my 2010/02 expiration date. I'm really glad Birchbox is stepping up after an "oops" on one of their products.

    1. Me too. I would hate to have to cancel Birchbox! I'm really starting to like it.

  2. I saw an email from Be Fine that gave a discount code for 50% off one item...

    "Should you wish to purchase full sized products from our web store, the code “halfprice” will enable you to receive fifty percent (50%) off any one-time purchase."

    Try it out if you were planning on purchasing something anyways!


    1. You must purchase on BeFine website though.

    2. I so went for it. I got the moisturizer and some sample packets of other products and it came out to right around $20 with shipping.


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