Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July No-Buy

So over the course of May and June I had a lot of expenses and I did a lot of shopping. It's starting to catch up with me. I also need to start saving for my trip back to VA in the fall. So for the month of July I'm going to attempt a No Buy. I'm going to try really hard not to buy any makeup or new clothing. I have plenty of makeup in my stash to work through. I will be keeping my Birchbox and Sample Society but skipping Little Black Bag. I never thought I'd skip LBB! I'm not in love with any of the new items so that helps. There are a few things I like but nothing I can't live without.

 I tend to shop online when I get bored so I will have to stay active. I will also have to do some meal planning. This no buy will include eating out. Now if a friend wants to go to dinner, I will but no more "Hey, I don't feel like cooking. I'll just order Thai food."

Wish me luck!

Are you on a no buy? How do you get through it?


  1. Stay strong through this time! I'm a poor student, so when I need to abstain from buying more makeup, I just remind myself that there are more important expenses to be had than some lipsticks on sale.

  2. Good luck! I need to do the same...I might attempt for the month of August!

  3. Success so far. Managed a trip to Walgreens. Not only did I not even go down the cosmetics aisle but I left with only the sinus meds I was after.


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