Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Makeup Geek Lipstick in Delightful

I'm a huge fan of the Makeup Geek eyeshadows and brushes so I just had to try out one of the new lipsticks. Since I'm more of a gloss kind of girl, I limited myself to just one lipstick. I chose Delightful.

Makeup Geek Delightful Lipstick
Makeup Geek Delightful Lipstick

They describe it as a warm pink with peach undertone. On me it seems more like an orange undertone than peach. The shade is also a bit brighter than I would normally choose for myself.

Natural Lip color

Makeup Geek Delightul Swatch
Makeup Geek Delightful
There's something about this color that I'm just not sure that it suits me. I may have to wear it a few more times before making a final decision. Maybe it would work better with a warmer skin tone?

The formula for these lipsticks is creamy and applies easily. They also have a rich color payoff. Although I'm not quite sure this particular color is for me, Long lasting and neither drying or super moisturizing. I'd like to pick up Adorable (soft creamy pink) and Elegant (deep rosy red). Makeup Geek Lipsticks are available at the Makeup Geek online store. These sale for $7.99 each. MUG lipsticks are cruelty free. 

Bat's Rating 7.5: I love the formula and the price. Not sure about this particular shade.


  1. This is a great shade, and sounds great :) I think the shade looks great hun :)


    1. I love love love the formula. These are definitely worth checking out. Thanks for stopping by.


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