Saturday, February 18, 2012

My First Little Black Bag

In the mail today, I received my first Little Black Bag! I'm so excited I had to open it and share it with you right away. I explain how this subscription service differs from all the others in my previous post about LBB. The short version is you choose one item to add to your bag and then they add two items to it. Then there is an interface on the website that allows you to trade items with other users before your bag ships. Trading is highly addictive!

The contents were well packaged. Everything was in individual bags, then wrapped in tissue paper, and then bubble wrapped. There was also a return shipping label included if you want to make any returns.
LBB packaging

The item I had to have in my bag was this Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet.  I believe they had it listed at $100 retail value. I could only find it for sale in one place for $88. Love this! It has a nice weight to it and brilliant sparkle. I love sparkle.
KJL Stretch Bracelet
The second item in my bag was this headband by Robert Rose. This is listed at a $30 retail value. It is a satin ribbon over a metal band.  The embellishment is rhinestone and feathers. I don't normally wear headbands but I thought I would give this one a try. At the least I could wear this for a belly dance performance.

Robert Rose Feather and Rhinestone Headband

The next item in my bag were a pair of silver textured earrings by Lydell NYC. I don't remember how this were priced. I think it was somewhere in the $20 range. These have a good weight to them but don't feel overly heavy. I don't think this will pull my earlobes too much.

Lydell NYC Rhodium Earrings

A convservative estimate for the contents of this bag would be $138. I think $49.95 for all of this is a good deal. I really like that you can skip months as well. I will definitely be taking advantage of that. I just don't see myself buying accessories every month.  I do want to snag a handbag one of these months though. Overall, I'm very pleased and very excited to see what they have to offer in the coming months.

Check out  Little Black Bag  for more information or to sign up and start trading!


  1. I awarded you for the 'Versatile Blogger Award' Check out my post for more details :)


  2. This looks like a great haul, I actually really like the headband. I'm a swing dancer and it would look great for the 20s/30s theme. I should look into littleblackbag but I'm already subscribed to 4 monthly subscriptions! I'm interested to see what you get next time.

    1. I know me too! I'm giving most of the makeup/skincare subs a two month trial. I signed up for MyGlam and Sample Society while I was on the BirchBox waiting list. Then I found BeautyBox 5. Then I got an email from Birchbox! Arghh. I also have ShoeDazzle.

  3. Checked out LBB. Wish they had a thumbs up/thumbs down option like Pandora. Once I have determined I'm not interested in something it would be nice if I could make it disappear.

    1. Send them a suggestion ;) I sent them suggestions already. I wish you could do that with trade requests. I keep getting requests for the same item. Do not want...


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