Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Glam February Bag

For those of you unfamiliar with it MyGlam is a monthly subscription service for makeup and skincare products. When it debuted it appeared that it was more geared to makeup but the last two months have seen a shift in that.  The February bag was my first experience with MyGlam.  These wound up shipping out later than they originally said they would. It was supposed to be a "Valentine's Day Themed" bag. I got my on the 17th.  Many other bloggers already received their bags and MyGlam released what was in them so there was no surprises really.

  • X Out Shine Control Oil free moisturizer with a mattifying complex I don't have oily skin so not sure how I'm going to use this.
  • NYX Roll on Shimmer NYX's shimmering powder that can be applied to they eyes, face, and body. Mine came in Light Blue Traded my Light Blue with one of the gals from Makeup Talk for Onyx.
  • Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask Luxury skincare ruck in life-enhancing minerals from the Dead Sea waters. Used the moisturizer. It's ok but not amazing
  • Freeman Facial Mask Sachets Easy to use skin perfecting masks. Mine came in Goji Berry. Actually made my skin feel dry.
  • NuMe Professional Styling Tools and Hair Extensions $100 gift cared  to use on styling tools or extensions only.
  • Ghiradelli Chocolates in Milk and Dark.
There are also special offers from X Out and NYX if you go to their sites and make a purchase of one of the included products. Now I know I only paid $10 including shipping but I'm a bit underwhelmed. I chose MyGlam because it was supposed to be more of a makeup service. I'm pretty set in my skincare routine but I'm always interested in different makeup products. This month there is one makeup product. I love NYX products but I'm not really sure how I'm going to use this Light Blue shimmer outside of a belly dance performance look. I'll give the other masks a try but they are not products I really see myself purchasing in the future.

I'm going to use the NuMe gift certificate but the cheapest flat iron they have is $115. I can live with a $15 flat iron. I know some people have gotten high shipping rates from them. Mine came out to $12. So a $27 flat iron altogether. At the  very least, I can use it to depot eyeshadows.

The bag itself is a good size but mine smells so bad and is really not my style. Unless one of my friends wants it, it's going in the trash.

So overall a bit underwhelmed by the samples in MyGlam. I didn't even feel it was worth the effort to make and upload a video about. If next month follows along the same lines, I'll definitely be cancelling. There are just too many  subscription services out there to keep one that doesn't excite or inspire.


  1. That's a really good deal for a flat iron, I would have used the "gift card" and bought that too. Hopefully next month they'll have some better stuff...or at least another useful "gift card".

    1. I'm curious to see how it performs. It is zebra print too. ;) Definitely next month better move away from the skincare or have a really good deal.

  2. I agree the bag was a bit off base this month. There really was not much of a Valentines day theme to it at all and contained way too much skincare stuff! Thanks for stopping by my blog I'm your newest follower :)
    Beauty Flawed

  3. Hey hun, I was looking at Promise's YT vid and a few people commented on X-OUT shine control actually being a different product. Check and see if the label peels off to reveal something else if you decide to use it.

  4. Hi, found your blog link on makeup talk :) I have to agree, I wasn't too impressed at the samples in this months bag. I still need to try a few of them out though and maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. Hopefully :)

    Kristin@ meetmeonthebrightside.blogspot.com

    1. I got the NYX Roll On I traded today. So maybe that will inspire me. I usually like NYX products. Going to try to use my flat iron tomorrow. We'll see how it performs.

      Thanks for following me!

  5. I've heard the same exact thing from other people about their glam bag. I'm on the hunt for a new subscription service that actually delivers...I cancelled my birchbox one a few months ago because it got kind of boring. Oh and I found you on the blog hop =).

    1. I just started subscription mania. hehe. I haven't received my first Birchbox yet and my first Beauty Box 5 is lost in the mail somewhere. So right now I'm really hoping Sample Society comes through.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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