Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review: NYX Xtreme Lip Creams

I picked up two of the NYX Xtreme Lip Creams when they were BOGO at Ulta.  NYX describes them as "It's not lipstick, nor is it gloss. It's like nothing you've experienced before. It's liquid lipstick that goes on with full Xtreme color and intense shine." I have to say the texture is somewhere between a lipstick and gloss. It's creamy and soft and glides easily. These are a tad small at .023oz but I've found a little really goes along way.
NYX Xtreme Lip Creams

These come in eleven shades. I picked up Buttery Nude and Natural to try out. 

L to R: Buttery Nude and Natural

Here's how they look on my lips. 
Normal lip color

Buttery Nude

Overall, I love the texture of these. They are also pretty moisturizing. At first I thought I'd like Natural more than Buttery Nude but the more I wore Buttery Nude the more I liked it.  I've been wearing it quite frequently since I bought it.  I like Natural but I think it is a bit too nude for my tastes. I'm going to try to layer it with something else to see if it grows on me. I'm definitely interested in trying out more shades of these especially Bonfire and Absolute Red.Bat's Rating: 9.

You can find these at NYX Cosmetics or Ulta for $6.00


  1. These are really pretty shades! I've heard so much about these, I think I'll try them out.

  2. I keep wanting to try these nice swatches!
    Beauty Flawed

  3. I like buttery nude! I think I'm finally going to go buy a couple shades :)

  4. I love the Natural! it's such a great blanked out Lip colour! I found you through Monday Beauties Blog Hop, I'm following through GFC. I'd love if you checked out my blog!

  5. Just found your blog through Monday beauties blog hop. New Follower! :)


  6. This product is absolutely amazing! I had no idea about how fab it was until I tried it when Ulta had a sale going on! Def want to get more. Hope you'll stop by and would you be interested in following each other?

  7. I am not particularly impressed with the Soft Matte Lip Creams but I really want to try this one.

    I found your blog from Monday Beauties Blog Hop. Now following you. :)

  8. I love the look of Natural! I'm going to have to get that one!

  9. you have gorgeous lips! i love nyx stuff. you look very warm and natural. :) great beauty blog... new follower here. :) i'd be honored if we stayed connected.... just followed on google AND bloglovin! have a great day!

    1. aww thank you for the compliments and for reading! I am following you now as well :)


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