Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY: Sample Society Box Lippie Organizer

I use products more if I can see them. Otherwise they get banished to the makeup drawer and who knows if they'll ever be seen again. So I have quite a few lip products on my counter. I was keeping them in a small round cardboard container but they kept falling over. I was also running out of room. I was in the process of upgrading them from their round container to a Sample Society box when I was inspired to make dividers.

I opted for a Sample Society box because it's deeper than the Birchbox boxes and I wanted the lip glosses to have more support. It's not that prettiest craft project ever but I took the sides off the lid and made dividers. I just glued these down with a hot glue gun.

OK so the aren't exactly straight either but it gets the job done. I made the lipstick sections a little wider than the gloss sections. I lucked out and had a slot for shorter pencils and tubes that won't stand up.

There's also plenty of  space left if I were to ever clean out my purse! This was a quick and easy project. I didn't measure anything. I just eyeballed the length to cut the dividers. Perhaps, one day I'll get inspired to redo this and clean it up a bit. For now though, it's a vast improvement.
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