Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Inside My Head Tag

This is an adaptation of the 10 Day Challenge done by one of my favorite bloggers, Aly over at Wonderland Beauty

10 Secrets- Tough I'm usually pretty open. So I'll go with the random bits my readers might not know about me. 1. I get car sick easily. Let me drive or I have to ride shotgun. 2. I used to be tall then everyone else grew and I topped out at 5'3". 3.  I'm originally from a small town in VA. 4. My hair has only been cut short twice in my entire life 5. I practice belly dance moves in the kitchen at work while my lunch is heating up. Usually no one walks in on me. 6. I have a lot of texture issues with different foods. The list of foods I won't eat because they have bad texture is pretty long and varied . 7. I'm not into shoes or purses. 8. I want to learn Arabic 9. I don't get Pintrest. 10. I collect vintage rhinestone jewelry from the 1940s and '50s.

9 Loves- 1.  My Mom 2. My sister. 3. Mia 4. belly dance 5. green tea 6. cosmetics 7. dark chocolate 8. blogging 9. Music (Goth/rock, New wave, Arabic)

8 Fears 1. Heights 2. Birds 3. Not being able to belly dance 4. sunburns 5. health issues 6. Being so far away from my family (not really a fear but I don't LIKE it either) 7. Losing a fingernail or a toenail 8. Something bad happening to my family or Mia.

7  Wants 1. A nap! 2. To be a better belly dancer 3. Good health 4. More time to blog 5. More belly dance costumes 6. More time to visit my family 7. the new 69 Eyes album to come already.

6 Places 1. Home (back to VA) 2. Egypt 3. Japan 4. Italy 5. Savannah 6. New Orleans

5 Foods 1.  Pad Woon Sen 2. Tiramisu 3. Anything my Mom cooks 4. Omelettes 5. Popcorn

4 Books  1. Dune Series by Frank Herbert 2. Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite 3. The Count of Monte Cristo 4. Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter's Series

3 Movies 1. Real Genius 2. Dangerous Liasions 3. A&E Pride & Prejudice mini series

2 Songs 1. Perfect Skin the 69 Eyes (listening to this a lot lately 2. Lama Bada

1 Picture of Yourself  (If you don't want to show your face or don't have a good picture, just show  a pic of anything you love!)

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