Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Update on my July No-Buy: Success!

So back in July I vowed to go on a No-Buy. I'm happy to report that it was a success! I didn't buy any makeup, skin care, or hair care throughout the entire month. I also managed to use up quite a few things from my stash.  I did make a few trades over on MUT so that helped as well. It's all the fun of getting new stuff without really spending much $$. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

In August, I'm not on a strict No-Buy but I am trying to adhere to a Low-Buy. I used to be so good at justifying any purchase to myself. Now I've gotten really good at justifying to myself why I don't need to buy something.  I was going to buy myself a bottle of Balenciaga perfume as a reward for making it through my No-Buy. I keep putting it in my cart but I keep talking myself out of it. I have taken advantage of awesome sales at MUA and e.l.f but those products are so low priced anyway. I should have some pretty nice hauls and I've still managed to spend less than $40. I also signed up for Beauty Army but since I just dropped Conscious Box, I should be even as far as my sub allowance goes. I skipped LBB again this month. I can't wait for Fall and Winter styles to start showing up. Those usually are closer to my personal preferences.


  1. No-buys are hard, bravo for sticking to it! I'm also excited for winter and fall; the clothes are so much more fun (and usually more easily incorporates in a work environment).

    1. Defintely! I don't wear a lot of bright neon or pastel. So summer trends are just not for me!


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