Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Question Wednesday: Summer Vacation

1} Have you been on vacation yet this summer? Will you be going anywhere?
I haven't and I don't have plans to go anywhere until I go back to the East Coast to visit my family in the Fall.   It's one of the drawbacks of living 2000 miles away from my family. I did take a real vacation last year and met up with them at  Hilton Head, SC and spent quite a bit of time in Savannah, GA (LOVE!).

2} What is the best vacation you have ever been on?
I don't get actual vacations very often. When I was younger we didn't take a whole lot of vacations other than to visit my grandmother who lived at a beach in NC.  I might have to go with last year's vacation. I absolutely loved Savannah.

I just had a staycation in May at Lake Las Vegas for a belly dance festival. That was a pretty good time.

3} If you could take one vacation anywhere, where would you go?
Even with all the turmoil, I still want to go to Egypt. I was always really into ancient Egyptian culture. Now there's the bellydance multiplier.

4} If you were going on a vacation for one week, what makeup products would you bring?
I suppose it would depend on where I was going. I try to pack light.
Face:  Benefit Porefessional, Revlon Colorstay Foundation, Holika Holika BB, MAC Minearlize Skinfinish, Milani Luminoso blush
Eyes: UD PP,  my two Inglot palettes, UD 24/7 in Whiskey & Perversion, NYX Pin Up Tease Mascara.
Lips: EOS Lipbalm, NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Absolute Red & Buttery Red, UD Lipgloss in Wallflower (probably more lippies)
Not sure what I'd pack skincare wise.

5} If you could get any souvenir from your vacation, what would it be?
 If it were a trip to Egypt, a custom made belly dance costume. :)

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  1. Savannah is beautiful and so full of history. I enjoyed my trip there a lot a few years ago. Egyptian culture is interesting to me, too. And a custom made belly dance costume would be an awesome souvenir.

  2. I would really love to relocate to Savannah. It's beautiful and it'd be closer to my family. I will make it to Egypt hopefully in the next few years!

  3. I loooove Savannah, too! I went a few years ago & it was an amazing time! :)

  4. Oh that's awesome you belly dance!! I would love to go to Egypt too!

  5. If only I could find a job there and a great dance teacher, I'd be a Georgia Peach :)

  6. I'm slowly working on a belly dance post. I'll include some performance videos. :)

  7. Egypt would be a great place to visit- I'd love to see the pyrimids. And I'm totally with you on bringing back a belly dancing outfit!

  8. I´ve been to Egypt. It is amazing country indeed!


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