Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inglot Mini Haul

I bought an Inglot five slot palette on sale during Black Friday and then I was sick most of the winter so I never made it over to Town Square to pick out my shadows.  As much as I love Inglot products, their website sucks. So I'd much rather shop in person...even if it means going to Town Square.  It beats having to go the the Forum Shops or Fashion Show though.  Not that local Las Vegans don't like tourists. We appreciate your support of our economy. We just don't want to be anywhere near you or have to drive on the Strip more than absolutely necessary.

From Left to Right:

#324 M  Very light gray matte finish
AMC Shine #36 Medium gray sparkly
#387M Medium gray matte finish
#348M Dark gray matte finish
#391 black matte finish

These are 2.3g and retail for $5 each. You heard me right. $5 for a richly pigmented, great quality shadow. I'll try to swatch these at some point.

I love how the Inglot palette lids click on magnetically. They hold together tightly. I've traveled with my smaller three slot palette a lot and it has never shifted around.  I can't wait to use these shadows.  It was difficult but I managed not to buy anything else while I was in the store. It is dangerously close to my office though and there's a Sephora right around the corner!

Town Square Las Vegas

Inglot USA

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  1. That's a nice set! Your own custom smoky eye palette. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I haven't been in Fashion Show in awhile but the Inglot website lists the Macy's there. So probably not as wide of a selection as the other two. I also like going to Town Square because if you park in the South Garage Inglot is the first store on the left coming out of the garage. Terribly convenient.

  3. Wow I never knew that. I go to fashion show like once a week so I'll have to check it out. Plus town square has Mac and sephora so it's a win :)


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